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Tuborg Batteries are a NATO quality approved premium vehicle battery company. These high performance batteries have been tested to military standards and are guaranteed to outperform other generic batteries on the market.

With special attention placed on the conception, new technologies have been implemented to make our batteries more robust and longer lasting. A full range available to meet customer needs, our batteries can be used in a variety of vehicles like, high performance cars, boats, motor homes…

This type of technology is exclusive to our brand, delivering outstanding quality for 35 years, we sell over 2 million batteries a year. These award winning batteries are only available in the U.K. through (and approved suppliers).

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We have thirty years of experience in the production of starter batteries. Thanks to this, we have developed a unique technology that we constantly improve through cooperation with research centres, developing our R & D department and conducting numerous research and analyses. We also focus on innovation, we observe the development of global technology and we choose the most interesting solutions. As the only producer in the country, we produce lead oxide (the basic component of a battery paste) using the spray method based on the BARTONA system. This method is used in the countries of North America and the Far East, where 75% of the world's battery production is manufactured. Its characteristic feature is the ease and sensitivity of the process control, which allows you to get the product with the desired parameters and maintain its quality at a constant level. The lead particles produced are dimensionally constant - this allows the preparation of an active mass with uniform parameters, which contributes to the high capacity. Key processes such as plate production, assembly and battery formation are constantly being developed mainly in terms of automation and robotics. The benefits of automating production processes should be seen in several categories. In terms of the product high and reproducible quality is ensured, in turn in the aspect of the process high efficiency and production efficiency are achieved. Finally, from the point of view of maintenance of technical equipment - high reliability and production availability of machines and lines are secured with reduced direct outlays of technology and operator support as well as maintenance services, maintenance and repairs. The latest investment is a battery formation system based on continuous electrolyte circulation with a combined exchange of its density during the formation process. This process integrates several operations that until now have been implemented on separate production nodes. The undeniable benefits are:

• Short time of formation. Time reduction up to 80% compared to standard processes. Formation for some types is up to 8 hours. In exceptional cases, it enables us to carry out orders very quickly.

• Optimal formation of electrodes - the formation process takes place with continuous circulation of low-density electrolyte, which at the end of the process is automatically exchanged for the electrolyte of a given density, which ensures the best electrochemical changes.

• High quality of the process - the electrolyte is prepared and supervised by a high-class integrated mixing system (the electrolyte is produced directly in the device from concentrated acid). We obtain electrolyte with precisely determined and reproducible temperature and density values.

• The visualization system and comprehensive data logging ensure full process control.

Compliance with standards

Our company has implemented and applies the quality management system according to EN ISO 9001:2008 standard since 2003. We hold the Certificate of Conformity with the Technical Specification EN ISO/ TS 16949:2009 which is the requirement and the agreement among the tycoons of the automotive industry. The specification was developed by the International Automotive Task Force as a quality management system in a series production as well as the production of spare parts in the automotive industry.

We have implemented a natural environment management system according to PN-EN ISO 14001:2004.

We have renewed all the major ISO quality certificates - Quality Management System and Environmental Management System.

In addition, we have also met the OEMs standard so we can supply batteries for this sector. TUV Nord was a certifier. 

Also, the Quality Certification Centre has confirmed we have complied with the military requirements of AQAP 2130-2009 regarding battery sales and service. CCJ is a certification authority for management systems operating in the Department of Logistics of the Military Academy of Technology.

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